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Katrina Strohl (They/She/He) is an engaging keynote speaker who facilitates workshops about workplace boundaries, mental health and their impact on workers' career development.  Through research, case studies, and personal anecdotes, Katrina creates a safe space for participants to examine how they experience and engage with the world. In addition, through their weekly podcast, Absolutely Not!, Katrina delves into the nuanced challenges their guests face in establishing and maintaining boundaries in their personal and professional relationships. 

Katrina's most notable keynotes include:
Absolutely Not!: Setting Personal Boundaries at Work
Psychological Safety in the Workplace
Mental Health Conditions and Suicide Prevention in the Workplace
Make space for the AND!: Identities and Intersectionality
Why Representation Is So Important


$2000 (45-60 min)
$1500 (Max 15 people)
$1000 (45 min)
Panel Member:
$500 (45 min)
Fireside Chat:$300 (30-45 min)

*Please note these rates are for virtual events only.
If you'd like Katrina to speak in-person, please
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