Katrina Strohl (They/She/He) is a Boundaries Strategist. They focus on people leaving unsafe environments, more specifically people who are hoping to pivot into a different industry. He helps them build the foundation they need to either pursue entrepreneurship or move into a safer environment.

Pick My Brain

Book a "brain picking" session with Katrina to learn more about them, their experiences, her work or his thoughts on a certain topic. 

One 30 min session

Strategy Session

Book a Strategy Session with Katrina to develop a strategy for your next boundaried move. In this session you'll get an effective action plan and be ready to have a more honest conversation with yourself and others.

One 60 min session

The Foundation Package

This program is meant to help you build a foundation of trust and respect within yourself as you move forward to your next endeavor. With emphasis on boundaries, personal branding and personal development, this package has helped many of my clients feel more confident in their decisions and build a larger network of opportunities.

Four 60 min sessions

Let's start the  journey to the new you!

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