🫂Katrina's Communication Parameters🫂
These parameters ensure Katrina feels safe during the discussion and is able to contribute effectively.

  1. 45 minutes

    • Katrina lives with multiple mental health conditions and can only be in emotionally activating conversations for a maximum of 45 minutes.​

  2. Cuss and Cry

    • In emotionally activating spaces Katrina needs to be able to cuss and/or cry​.

  3. Reading Lips

    • Katrina has loss of hearing in both ears and Tinnitus, please have visible lips during the conversation so they can be read​.

  4. Taking Notes

    • Katrina's mental health conditions effect their short term memory. They take notes during conversation to stay on track with the discussion​

  5. Don’t Interrupt

    • It takes Katrina awhile to process information but takes even longer when he is interrupted. Please do not interrupt him when he is talking.​

  6. Exit Strategy

    • Katrina is easily emotionally activated and overwhelmed in conversations.

    • To keep Katrina safe on Absolutely Not!, she uses the question below as an exit strategy and shares it with her guests that it can be asked at anytime to bring the conversation to a stop. Think of it as a "safe word".

      • *** What are the top 3 tips you’d share with people about boundaries at work and their importance?***

Please be ready to provide Katrina with or collaborate with Katrina to create an exit strategy before beginning the conversation.

Please ask for more information if needed.