Hair Like Mine

Black hair has never been properly appreciated or featured.

I got my first relaxer when I was 11.

My mom took my older sister and I to a beauty school and we came out with straight hair.

I remember being so excited to have hair like "everyone else" and then quickly regretting it.

The Media

For those who don't know, "a relaxer, also known as a perm for Black hair, is a chemical treatment that straightens curly hair by breaking down the bonds in the hair shaft." Relaxers became most popular in the '90s. Most actresses, entertainers, and models in the media chemically relaxed their hair during this time.

I grew up seeing everyone on television with straight hair. I only saw my hair when someone would accidentally go through a carwash, their hairstylist "messed up" or something exploded in their face. My hair was depicted as unkempt and undesirable.

Words related to the harm described above and below:

While the natural hair movement "has recently become popular again during the 2000s and 2010s." In the natural hair community still only acknowledges certain curl patterns, most falling in the 2-3 categories of the hair typing system. The hair being featured in films are often still the same as well as seen in the Top 10 Movies List of 2021.

P.S. This hair typing system was cre