My Pronouns

"Hi, my name is Katrina Strohl and my pronouns are They/She/He."

I start almost every new conversation this way. Even if the person hosting the conversation doesn't share their pronouns and even if the person hosting looks confused when I do. I want that person to know what pronouns to use for me and that I won't be hiding any bit of me during our time together.

There are other ways to do this but I like a simple entrance. I actually mentioned a few of these examples during my time with Ricklyn Woods (She/Her).

Other ways to introduce your pronouns could sound like:

  • "I didn't get your pronouns. Could you share them with me?"

  • Requesting everyone involved have their pronouns visible (name tags, name plates, Zoom name, etc.)

  • “Hey, I'm XYZ and I use he/him pronouns. What pronouns do you use?”

Before last year I never really gave thought to my pronouns. I mean I had them on my profile and everywhere else I could think to put them but never really put any thought behind what they meant for me. I didn't take time to think until I misgendered Gaby Espana (They/Them) on Absolutely Not!

It was bad! I immediately apologized and made a better effort to not fuck it up again. That episode made me aware of the harm I was capable of causing. Harm I am now dedicated to preventing, educating on and contributing to the reduction of world wide.

Some of the words associated with that harm are: